Jul ’15

New chicks and ducks arrive around July 4th at Russell Feed’s Camp Bowie location.Baby Chicks Available-https://www.russellfeedandsupply.com

Varieties include:

California White Pullets

Rhode Island White Pullets (Rare Breed)

Dark Cornish Pullets (Extremely Rare)

BB Red Malay Pullets (Extremely Rare)

Mottled Holiday Crested Straight Runs

Please note: Dates may vary depending on chick hatch dates; we recommend calling stores to confirm arrivals and types of chicks.

Are you set up to raise a successful flock? We stock everything you need for healthy chickens and other poultry breeds: Coops and runs, chick feeders, chick waterers, heat lamps, feeds, treats and more!

Russell Feed & Supply Camp Bowie

Address: 9804 Camp Bowie West Ft. Worth, TX

Phone: 817-244-3830

Store Hours:

Mon-Fri: 8 – 7

Sat: 8 – 6

Sun: 11 – 5

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