Russell Feed & Supply is pleased to offer Non-GMO Feed for chickens.

Now offering:
Broiler – $25.75
Chick Starter – $25.75
Layer – $24.25
Scratch – $24.25

“Eat Healthy. Be Healthy.”

What is Texas Natural Feeds? Texas Natural Feeds is an affordable, commercially grown non-soy, non-GMO, non-medicated feed.

What’s in it? They use peanut meal, sorghum grain, oats, brewer’s yeast, fishmeal, probiotics,  and a vitamin/mineral premix. Texas Natural Feeds has a 50% increase in vitamin content over standard commercially-grown feed.

Why peanut meal? Peanut meal is highly palatable to livestock. With a 40% protein content and highly digestible nutrients, peanut meal is recommended as a great substitute to soy in most livestock feeds. Non-GMO! To insure our non-GMO standard, Texas Natural Feeds has their feeds tested by an independent lab. Tests show that theirs is one of the purest non-GMO feeds available on the market! Try it!

So if you are looking for an affordable alternative to the high cost of organic feeds and still want the great benefits of non-soy, non-GMO and no medications, try Texas Natural Feeds! For those concerned with the potential health issues of soy and genetically modified products, Texas Natural Feeds is the most affordable alternative to commercial-type feeds.




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