Russell_OnionSetSliderWelcome to 2015 garden season! The first item up to be planted is onions. By the time this newsletter comes out 1015Y Texas Super Sweet, Yellow Granex, White Granex, Crystal Wax and Red Burgundy onions will be in the stores.

The 1015Y Texas Super Sweet gets as big as a softball. This yellow early-maturing onion is recommended for southern gardens. It is very disease-resistant and will store better than others.

Yellow Granex (Vidalia type) is a sweet variety. It is the earliest maturing variety available and is recommended for southern gardens. It has flat, thick bulb and does not store well.

White Granex (Vidalia type) is a sweet variety. It is one of the early-maturing varieties. It is recommended for southern gardens.

Crystal Wax (White Bermuda) is an old gardening favorite. They are thick, flat bulbs that grow best in southern gardens.

Red Burgundy onions produce larger, flattened globes 3 to 4 inches in diameter that make excellent slicers. This is a short day variety that is resistant to Botryis and Pink Rot. Average time to maturity: 100 days

Plant onion slips approximately 1 inch deep or deep enough to support the plant and keep it from falling over. Plant in January and harvest in May to June.

Other items like English Peas and Spinach can also be planted in January. Check out the fresh packaged seeds from Botanical Interests where most of the seeds are heirloom or organic varieties. Ask for a Vegetable Garden Planting Guide when you come in to the store. This will give you planting times, planting depth, distance between rows, days till harvest and more.



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