Patterson Wood Heating Pellets are now available at Russell Feed & Supply.Patterson Wood Heating Pellets are now available at Russell Feed & Supply. Use in your firepit, fireplace insert, pellet stove, or furnace.  A pellet stove looks much like a wood stove but is automated. Heating a home with pellet fuel requires only the ability to add pellets into a hopper, set the desired heat output, and cleaning out an ash pan periodically. All other aspects of the heating process occur automatically.

There are several benefits to using our wood pellet fuel:

  • High heating value- 8600BTUs/ pound
  • Low ash- Less than .5%
  • Environmentally responsible & economical


Patterson Wood Pellets can also be used as horse bedding. When softened by adding 1 to 1.5 gallons of water per bag, our pellets expand 3-4 times their compressed volume. This bedding is highly absorbent & easy to sift. Five to six bags will start a 12 x 12 stall and that is all that is needed.

Pick up Patterson Wood Heating Pellets at Russell Feed and Supply. We have 8 locations to serve you in and around Fort Worth. Stop by and shop local with us.



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