Blooming Your Christmas Cactus

We quite often get asked this question around the Holidays, and, besides, it is a Christmas Cactus. So, how DO you get it to bloom in time for Christmas?

To better your chances of a blooming Christmas Cactus— Start doing these steps now:

Step 1  Cut back on the amount of water the plant is receiving. Only water when the top 1” of soil is dry and then very little water. No more than once a week.

Step 2 Place the Christmas cactus in a darker room. It will work better if you have a room that receives 12 to 14 hours of darkness a day.

Step 3 After about 6-8 weeks of darkness, move the Christmas cactus back out in to full bright light. (Please Note: NOT Direct Sunlight)

Step 4 Water with a water soluble fertilizer.

If you follow these steps as outlined, you should start seeing colorful blooms in a few weeks for everyone to enjoy.

Also, as the weather turns chilly, don’t forget to bring your tropical plants in from the cold. Start moving them inside for the winter. Dust a little Sevin dust over the top of the soil to help control the insects. This should kill most insects living in the plants soil. Place the plants in a bright lighted room to help stop leaves from dropping.

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