Nature's Guide Cotton Burr CompostDoes your soil need some improvements?  Try Nature’s Guide Cotton Burr Compost.  Nature’s Guide Cotton Burr Compost comes from cotton plants off the high plains, no chemical defoliate is used.  This product is 100% organic and it is great for clay and sandy soils.   Cotton Burr compost helps hold moisture in the soil and provides nourishment for healthier plants.

If you are using raised beds or pots for your garden, try Soil Mender Raised Bed mix.  Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix is specially formulated to be an ideal soil to use in raised beds and large containers. Raised beds are extremely versatile, easy to use, and pose many advantages over traditional gardening. This product is composed of all-natural ingredients – organic topsoil, composted cotton burrs, coir, expanded shale, lava sand, granite sand, basalt, humate, and montmorillonite.  Our Haltom City Location has used it and proven how great it is for growing peppers and tomatoes.

Happy Planting!



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