spring chick seasonSpring Chick Season is here at Russell Feed & Supply, with chicks arriving weekly.

Come see us at Russell Feed and Supply, your local Backyard Chicken Headquarters! We’ve got chicken coops, feeders, fencing, waterers, heat lamps and more! We carry starter feeds, regular chicken feed and organic, non-GMO chicken feed. But most important, we’ve got a knowledgeable staff to answer all your flock-related questions.

And did we mention, we have baby chicks?  Arrival dates vary by location depending on chick hatch dates; we recommend calling stores to confirm arrivals and types of chicks.

Stop by one of our eight Russell Feed & Supply locations for expert knowledge, top-notch customer service and everything you need to raise a happy, healthy & productive flock.

Please note: Dates may vary depending on chick hatch dates; we recommend calling the store to confirm new chick arrivals as well as quantities and varieties of new chicks. For questions about availability, quantities, and varieties of new chicks, please call your local Russell Feed & Supply store.



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