Spring Vegetable GardenReady to plant your Spring Vegetable Garden? Not sure what to plant? Here are some vegetable suggestions that can be planted now:

  • Green Bush Beans-plant seeds 1-1 ½” deep and 3-4” apart, leave 21-36” between rows.
  • Green Pole Beans-plant seeds 1-1½” deep and 4-6” apart, leave 36-48” between rows. Pole beans will need a trellis or something to grow up on.
  • Cucumber-plant seeds ½” deep and 24-48” apart, leave 48-72” between rows.
  • Eggplant-plant seeds ½” deep and 18-24” apart, leave 24-36” between rows.
  • Cantaloupe-plant seeds 1” deep and 24-36” apart, leave 60-90” between rows.
  • Mustard-plant seeds ½” deep and 6-8” apart, leave14-24” between rows.
  • Okra-plant seeds 1” deep and 36-42” apart, leave 36-42” between rows.
  • Peas, (Blackeye, Purplehull, Crowder)-plant seeds 2-3” deep and 4-6 apart, leave 24-36” between rows
  • Pumpkin– plant seeds 1-2” deep and 36-48” apart, leave 60-96” between rows.
  • Radish-plant seeds ½” deep and 1” apart, leave 14-24” between rows.
  • Squash-plant seeds 1-2” deep and 18-36” apart, leave 36-60” between rows.
  • Tomato-plant plants 4-6 deep and 18-36” apart, leave 24-48” between rows.
  • Pepper-plant seeds ½” deep and 18-24” apart, leave 24-36” between rows.
  • Watermelon-plant seeds 1-2” deep and 36-72” apart, leave 72-96” between rows.

You beds are done and your vegetables planted!  Congratulations! What is next:

  • Remember, after the plants start to grow, a good vegetable fertilizer should be applied about every 20 to 30 days.
  • Growing vegetables will need to be kept moist during the growing season. Regular watering will need to be done during extreme hot days.
  • Inspect your plants for insects such as cutworms, spider mites, squash bugs and more during the growing season. Use a pesticide or organic cure when needed.

Your efforts and hard work starting your Spring vegetable garden will pay off with a bounty of delicious homegrown produce!   Send in your before and after pictures and show off your green thumb! You can email them to us below.  Happy Gardening!

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