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Russell Feed & Supply stores now offers Sun-Cured Alfalfa Cubes.  This high-quality cube product is made with Idaho-grown alfalfa by the Cube It Hay Company.  Grown in the Snake River Basin of Idaho, Cube It Hay’s Sun-Cured Alfalfa Cubes contain some of the highest protein of any forage grown in the United States.

Why feed Alfalfa Cubes vs. Bales?

  • Reduced feed waste –  Feeding studies reveal that as much as 20% of conventional hay may be wasted when fed.  Horses fed long-stem hay can separate the leaves from the stems and consume the parts they prefer; this does not happen with cubes.
  • Controlled feed intake –  It is easier for the horse owner to monitor and regulate the daily intake of cubed forage than long-stem hay.
  • Consistent nutrient content –  The nutrient levels found in cubes tend to be more consistent than hay.  Cube It Alfalfa Cubes have a guaranteed minimum nutrient content.
  • Less dust than long-stem hay – Cube It Alfalfa Cubes contain little dust, making them a healthy dietary choice for horses with respiratory problems.
  • Reduced storage requirements –  Cubes are denser than hay, so they require less storage space.  Approximately three bags of cubes fit in the same area as an average-sized, small square bale of hay.
  • Ease of handling –  Cubes can be mechanically handled in bulk.
  • Reduced transportation costs –  Cubes are denser than hay and allow trucks to be loaded to their full legal capacity.  This is not always possible with hay. Shipping costs for cubes can be reduced, assuming the shipping distance is the same.
  • Ease of transport –  Alfalfa cubes take up less space in the trailer and may be easier for horse owners to take to shows or on trail rides.

Why Feed Cube It Premium Alfalfa Cubes?

  • Consistent high-quality: Premium Alfalfa Cubes are labeled with minimum guarantees on protein, fat, phosphorus and calcium as well as the maximum fiber content
  • Sun-cured alfalfa hay: Premium Alfalfa Cubes are sun-dried and harvested in large bales for storage. When filling an order, Cube It grinds the hay for the production of cubes.
  • No added dyes: Cube It stores its hay in enclosed buildings or under tarp cover to keep it green and protect from bleaching.
  • No sodium bentonite added: Cube It’s cubing process does not require a binder.
  • Only top quality: Standard of quality is second to none with no compromise on purity over profit.

Cube It Sun-Cured Premium Alfalfa Cubes can be fed to horses, mules, llamas, cows, sheep, and goats. Visit us at Russell Feed & Supply stores and stock up today!



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