Now that spring is here, the plants are springing to life! However, your flowers aren’t the only thing coming to life! Weeds are breaking through the soil and depriving your true grass from sunlight & nutrients. There are a few options to keep weeds under control in your lawn and flower beds.

Weed Management Options:

  • Remove weeds by hand
  • Use organics like pre or post herbicide
  • Use synthetic herbicides
  • Leave weeds alone & continue to mow over weeds


Annual & Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds, “the reoccurring weed”, should be dug up completely since they can lay dormant and return the following spring from a root that survived the winter. Annual weeds cultivate from seeds from the previous growing season and only have one life cycle, therefore a pre or post herbicide is best to prevent their development. Best way to keep your lawn looking green is to not let these weeds take control in the first place. Use pre-emergent herbicide early spring and it will protect your lawn all summer. Any 2-4-D product will help you control those pesky weeds from taking control over your green & lush lawn. If you prefer organics, corn gluten meal is perfect BEFORE the weeds emerge.

Keep your lawn looking green is simple.. mow often, fertilize and weed it. Stop by Russell Feed & Supply for all your organic and non-organic weed control products, fertilizer and lawn & garden tools.




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