Winter Greenhouse Starter KitGet started on your Spring garden by making your own Winter Greenhouse Starter Kit

For those of you that don’t have a greenhouse, starting seeds indoors is very easy. All you need is some fresh seeds (your choice) and a dome seed starter kit. Some kits come with seed starter mix and others you will need to add a seed starter mix. Moisten the starter mix with water or a solution of liquid seaweed and water. Next, place the mix in the cells of the starter kit.   Add the seeds of your choice to the cells and place the dome over the planted cell tray.

If you don’t have a seed starter kit, a plastic bowl and baggie can be used. Just place the moist soil mix in the bowl and add the seeds and place in the plastic baggie and zip it up. Then place the kit or bowl on top of the refrigerator where it will stay warm. Once the seeds have sprouted move them to a sunny area. Remove the dome or gently take the seeds out of the baggie. Keep soil moist until ready to place plant into a larger container or plant outside. Most seeds will sprout in 7 to 21 days so plan your plantings. This is a great way to have fresh herbs or get the early start on the spring garden.

It might be early for seeds like Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Lettuce, Spinach, Swiss Chard and Tomatoes to be planted indoors. Try these seeds in February. Onions and herbs can be planted now. We carry a great source for seeds. Botanical Interests seeds are mostly Heirloom, Organic and NON-GMO. You can start the heirloom flowers your grannies use to grow or organic herbs and non-GMO vegetables that your family loves– all indoors. So, when the kids are bored this winter and looking for something to do, this is a great project for the whole family to enjoy.



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