Caring for your Micro Mini Pig

Proper care of your baby pig will make for an enjoyable pet relationship. Pigs are extremely intelligent and can do just about anything a dog can do but quicker. You teach them by using food motivation (treats) in moderation.


  • Inside, pigs need a secure area with a bed and a blanket. They like to be warm and cozy.
  • If left outside, pigs need a dog house with a bed and blanket in a secure area.
  • The area they are allowed to be in should be child proof as pigs can open cabinets and get inside to the contents.
  • Include a litter box with low sides. Pigs do not like to climb. Use wood chips (no cedar) or recycled newspaper in the bottom of the box.
  • Rooting is a common behavior of pigs, where they dig and explore using their snouts. You need to provide an area outside with dirt or a place for rooting to prevent them from finding their own spot.


  • Required at all times as pigs do not perspire. Water should be fresh and clean.
  • Use a sturdy bowl or trough that will not tip over when pigs are rooting around.


  • If the baby is being supplemented with milk, use a powder formula for baby animals. Mix per directions on the package. You can add a piece of wheat bread to the formula for 3-4 days, then start adding a small amount of pellets to the formula. Gradually lessen the amount of formula until the baby pig is eating pellets only.
  • Use pellets especially made for mini pigs. Feed the youth formula until about 1 year of age. Switch to Active Adult types after 1 year.
  • Do not overfeed. Pigs have huge appetites and become obese rather quickly. As babies, feed them ¼ cup twice a day, in the morning and evening. Starting at 6-8 months, up the portion to ½ cup twice a day. By the time your pig is grown, around 2 years, feed 1 cup twice a day.
  • Limit snacks which can include fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. Do not feed avocados or chocolate.


  • Your pig should have a health checkup annually.
  • It is advised that you get your pig spayed or neutered for health and behavioral reasons.
  • They need to be wormed 2 times per year.
  • Exercise is important. Mini pigs can be trained to walk on a leash using a dog harness collar with a leash.


  • Piggy’s hoofs need to be trimmed periodically.
  • They tend to have dry skin so don’t bathe more than necessary and use a gentle, fragrance-free shampoo.

Russell Feed and Supply is your headquarters for all of your micro mini pig’s needs!



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