Russell Feed & Supply carries Vetericyn Animal Wellness Products. Learn about these products and how they can help your animals by hearing from Jacqueline in the video.

My name is Jacqueline and I am with Pettersen. I’m here at Russell Feed and Supply to you a little more about Vetericyn products. So, if you aren’t very familiar with Vetericyn it is a wound and skin care product. In vitro, it has a 15-second kill time against funguses, viruses, and bacteria and it really also helps promote that healing process. So, we have a wound and skin care liquid, which is great for flushing and irrigating and debriding wounds, and then we have a hydra gel which is just a thicker consistency.

When you spray it on, it’s going to really stick and adhere to the wound site. Something really exciting is that we’ve recently come out with a Vetericyn foam care shampoo line. It is a spray on shampoo that comes as a foam, goes on with a really nice even coverage. The white bottle is non-medicated for everyday shampoo. The blue bottle is our medicated shampoo and it’s a great high-quality antifungal. It’s ideal for use against ringworm, rain rot, earth itch, and other fungal disorders.

We have four product offerings to use on your pets. The blue bottle again is medicated, and that’s for the pets that tend to have the skin problems. So, dry, irritated, itchy, skin is going to be great to use for those pets. Then, we have a low, medium, and high density based off of the coat type of your animal. The low density you want to use for the thin fine haired animals. Then, high density is for the really thick undercoat such as the Huskies, St. Bernard’s, and Great Pyrenees.

Really the only difference between the products is the rinse-ability of it. So, if you’re bathing a Husky for example, it’s going to be very quick and easy to rinse out the coat, so it’s really going to help cut down on bathing time. Our primary focus with these shampoo products was on the skin. So, if you use this as your maintenance, your go-to shampoo, it will help prevent skin disorders from occurring and it’s going to be good, safe, healthy for the skin if you’re going to clean the animal and also condition the coat at the same time.

So, please visit your nearest Russell Feed and Supply Store, come on in and the employees will help you out with any additional questions you may have. Thank you.



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