Check out Russell Feed Year-Round Lawn Care Guide, and take the guesswork out of lawn care.Check out the Russell Feed Year-Round Lawn Care Guide. This guide takes the guesswork out of lawn care. Read up on what to apply and when with our easy to follow Lawn Care Guide.

  • Compost
  • Dried Molasses

Both feed beneficial soil microorganisms that in turn feed and strengthen your lawn. Aids in helping the roots feed deeper helping you to water less during the year.

  • Apply Pre-emergent
  • Fertilize
  • Fertilize if you haven’t already
  • Nematodes

A natural beneficial bug to eat any larva in your yard including fleas and ants!

  • Feed Through Fly Control for Cattle/Horses

Begin giving this to animals now to prevent lawn infestation later.

  • Check for Grubs. Put out a deterrent now if seen to prevent June Bugs.
  • Most likely cause for a St Augustine issue this time of year is “Take All Patch”, if so apply a layer of Peat Moss to your lawn.
  • Mosquito Eradicators

Place these out now to stay ahead of mosquito populations. One box kills 95% of the mosquitoes on one acre for 3 months.

  • Apply Round 2 of Pre-Emergent
  • Apply Round 2 of Fertilizer
  • Cedarcide Granules

Take them camping to put under tents and tables to repel ticks, bugs, etc

  • Most likely cause for St Augustine issue this time of year “Grey Leaf Spot”, discontinue nitrogen, and apply a fungicide.
  • Grubs can kill St Augustine this time of year as well. If you dig up more than 4 grubs in one square foot of soil apply insecticide.
  • Chinch Bugs

Can kill the lawn quickly. Evidence of them will be a dry looking lawn, no response of yard improvement with watering and grass will have been chewed to the ground. Apply Insecticide.

  • Apply Round 3 Pre-Emergent
  • Apply Round 3 Fertilizer
  • Apply Round 2 Molasses

Helps strengthen roots before the winter.

  • Be on the Lookout for Deconstructive Army Worms (they can wipe out a lawn in a couple of days)
  • Time to Plant Bluebonnets for Spring Bloom
  • If not using a pre-emergent time to plant ryegrass for a green lawn in the winter!
***Please be sure to see us for all of your lawn and pasture needs. Our staff is knowledgeable in your organic lawn options and eager to help you! If your pre-emergent misses the mark we have a full range of post-emergent weed control. ***



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