Do you remember summers as a child?  What could be better than summer!  No school and plenty of long, slow, lazy days to idle the time away after chores were done.  We didn’t care if it was hot, we had time to burn!  Fast forward several years and here we are  kicking off another Texas summer.  Times have changed, I no longer look forward to the hot, dry, heat of a Texas summer.  Here’s praying this summer is not a repeat of last year, with hot weather and scarce hay.

It’s important to remember your animals and pets need plenty of shade and fresh cool water this time of year.  Remember to check the water bowl several times a day.  Consider automatic waterers if you are away from home during the day and your animals and pets are outside.  Time your outdoor activities early in morning and keep a close eye out for fatigue and signs of heat exhaustion.  Remember, if the pavement is too hot for you to walk barefoot on, it’s too hot for your pets!

Hay report: 

While recent rains have helped this area, last years’ drought took its toll on some hay fields. I have seen many bare spots from last summers dry weather, and army worms are out in full force!  If we get the expected rain forecasted for early June we should be in good shape for the 1st cutting. Early yields were less than 30 bales per acre. Normal is 70-100 bales.  There is no carry over from last year. We need a bumper crop of hay this year.

Here is where we stand with our hay supply:

Coastal 2 string: We are buying from Florida cheaper then we can buy locally. We expect this will soon change.  Florida bales have been very loose but good quality.

Bermuda 3 String: We have a good supply.  The price is still higher than where we want to be, freight costs are always an issue.

Alfalfa 2 String: Still waiting for our first load from the Lubbock area. Drought is still a problem there. Grower says it may be this week. 

Alfalfa 3 string: We have inventory and more on the way.  The cost is still too high, again the freight costs are the problem.

Round Bales: We are about out of Ryegrass bales.  We continue to look for product at reasonable prices.

Keep cool.  See you around the Barn,




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